Growing Old

Mocha’s aging right in front of our eyes, and aging fast.  She’s starting to have problems walking and navigating steps.  J’s had to lift her in and out of the car.  Can’t tell if it’s the hip arthritis, or if the cancer has spread to the spine, but either way it’s not looking good.  I suspect she won’t live to see her 13th birthday in April, in fact I think the end will come much sooner.

We decided to bring her to the beach today since she loves water so much (wish we had done this more often).

Getting her paws wet.

Getting her paws wet.

Something catching her attention...other dogs, birds, people...

Something catching her attention…other dogs, birds, people…

Her preferred position nowadays...lying down.

Her preferred position nowadays…lying down.

Sun light bouncing off her.

Sun light bouncing off her.

Enjoying the sunset.

Enjoying the sunset.

Sunset at Laguna Beach.

Sunset at Laguna Beach.

Favorite pastime when outdoors...sniffing.

Favorite pastime when outdoors…sniffing.

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2 Responses to Growing Old

  1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics!Wishing Mocha the very best.Cancer is so awful.Happy New Year 2013!Woof!

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