Stages of Marriage

A marriage morphs from crazy, frenetic love to a calm, understanding bond.  Other aspects in our marriage change as well.  Take treats, for example.

First 2 years of marriage, you leave a lovey, dovey note next to the last tasty piece of morsel, pronouncing how much you love the other person, and therefore want the other person to have the last piece.

Years 3-6, you ask expectantly, hoping the other person would say ‘no’, “honey, do you want the last piece?”

Years 7-8, you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t think he wants this” as you proceed to pop that last piece of chocolate into your mouth.

Years 9-10…

…we bought a mixed bag of chocolate from Costco for Halloween.  Unfortunately, over the years our tastes in food have converged.  We both like Kit Kat, Twix, and Snickers.  So naturally, at the end of week 3 we’re left with a bag full of Milky Way, Almond Joy, Crunch and M&Ms…

As I was taking out the block of cheese from the fridge last night, I saw a Snicker bar stashed behind it!

Me: Did you hide this Snicker bar?

J: Oh, I forgot about that one.  I put a Kit Kat there too.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens at year 9/10!

Me: Next time, I’m going to eat it first, and then tell you that I ate your hidden stash (that you apparently had forgotten about).

That’s Year 10+…

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2 Responses to Stages of Marriage

  1. Love it! Comical how things change.

  2. myblankeynme says:


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