Last Day In Madrid

We didn’t do a whole lot because I think we were just beat from all the traveling, running, and drinking.

Checked into Posada del Dragon in the La Latina area.

Posada del Dragon is located on Cava Baja, which is only a short distance from Plaza Mayor.

Had some less than mediocre tapas at Chiky.

Whatever you do, AVOID Chiky.

Walked around Plaza Mayor and Puerto del Sol looking for souvenirs, but found none.  So went back to the hotel for a siesta.

Dinner was one of the best meals we had in Madrid.

Neopolitan pizza and pasta at Ristorazione Meridionale down the block from the hotel.

Can’t say that I was ready to go home, as this was one of those trips that I never wanted to end (the others were Moorea, Rome, and the Grand Canyon).

Some thoughts at the end of the trip:

  1. Italy still has the best food.
  2. Europe is still my favorite continent to visit because of all the history and architecture.
  3. Traveling light is extremely important as it offers greater mobility.  J & I each carried a backpack for the entire 11-day trip (we each had 4 days worth of clothes).
  4. Staying in apartments equipped with washer & dryer, as opposed to hotels, allows you to travel light as you can do laundry every 4 days.
  5. Ryanair is awesome if you travel light, otherwise it is your BIGGEST enemy.  On second thought, don’t fly Ryanair because it flies into boondock airports, and you end up wasting time getting to and from the airport.
  6. Need better planning to avoid wasting too much time spent traveling between locales.
  7. Being kind and staying ‘zen’ can get you far.  When our flight back to the US was cancelled due to mechanical failure, everyone needed to be re-routed.  Instead of acting disgruntled and entitled, we patiently (and courteously) gave the agent room to ‘do his magic’, and he was willing to ‘work outside the box’ to get us the very last seats on the only flight of the day back to the US.
  8. Finally, I NEED MORE vacation days.

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