A Sample Of Bordeaux

By the time the shuttle dropped us off at the hotel after the race, it was already 7:30PM which meant no time to tour the city.  Did go out for dinner and brought one of the bottles of wine (we had to drink it as we couldn’t bring it with us onto the flight since we don’t have any checked luggages; the other bottle was given to the cleaning lady).

We had the usual post marathon celebratory steak dinner, but having not eaten much meat for months, the steak didn’t sit well with me, and I could only finish half of the steak (I used to be able to down a pounder in one sitting).  The server was quite shocked (and possibly offended) that I would leave 1/2 the steak uneaten.  Yes, very wasteful, but the stomach can only take so much.  We also couldn’t finish the bottle of wine, and offered the rest of the wine to the next table (tourists from DC) who graciously accepted.

We were so full that we decided to walk back to the hotel after dinner, and these are some shots I took along the way.

The Grand Theatre

Fleche St Michel

St. Michel

Not sure what this is as we were a little lost towards the end. Ecole des Beaux Arts perhaps?

It was a shame we didn’t have more time in Bordeaux to check out the rest of the city as we were flying back to Madrid the next morning.  Although I may be back if I ever decide to the run the Medoc Marathon again.  J, however, has sworn off marathons; this being his last.

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