Barcelona Day 3 – More Gaudí

Took a day off from running today.  Biggest fear right now is that the legs are getting too tired from all the walking, and won´t be able to complete the race.  Today was dedicated to checking out Gaudí´s other works.

Palau Guëll off La Rambla.

The wrought iron that Gaudí´s so fond of.

Looking up towards the ceiling in the center hall.

Stained glass in one of the daughters´ rooms. It´s Shakespear´s characters ´Hamlet´ and ´McBeth´ in the insets.

A few of the colorful chimneys on the rooftop.

Lots of mosaic tiles.

Of course no trip to Barcelona would be complete without visiting Gaudí´s incomplete La Sagrada Família.

La Sagrada Família

Close up of the Nativity faÇade completed during Gaudí´s time.  Gaudí reportedly made molds out of towns people or corpses from the morgue to create the statues on the faÇade.

The Passion faÇade completed in the 2000s. Notice the dramatic difference in style.

Spiral staircases built `post´ Gaudí

The nave also built in the 21st century.

The roof of the nave was finally completed 2 years ago in 2010.  Supported by Doric columns branching out at the top creating an illusion of standing under a tree canopy.

Beautiful stained glass throughout the church.

Torres Agbar in the distance as viewed from atop Sagrada Família.

Looking up one of the spires from atop La Sagrada Família.

Part of the church is a construction site as workers are trying to complete the rest of the building by 2020-2040.  Construction is based on models and plans that were left behind by Gaudí.  Interesting berry-like structures.  Not surprising coming from Gaudí.

View towards the Mediterranean.

Beautiful curves looking down the spiral staircases.

The spiral as you look up.

Not the safest handrails, but certainly beautiful.

J was definitely more impressed today than he was yesterday, so Gaudí redeemed himself in J´s eyes.  We had wanted to check out Parc Guëll, but were just beat by the time we finished with Sagrada Família.  Maybe next time when we come back after the church has been completed, when we´re old and grey.

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