Barcelona Day 2 – Sensory Overload

After running 4.7 miles along the waterfront and beach, we decided to take it a little easy on the feet today.  So we just limited the day to checking out some of Gaudí´s works.

PlaÇa Catalunya

The famous Casa Batlló during the day.

Casa Amatller right next door (not Gaudí´s).

The inner courtyard.

Planters outside on the balcony.

Guests were invited to leave comments in the guest book.  Here´s someone´s sentiment about the house…

Ergonomic door handles.

Reminds me of Casa Pueblo in Uruguay.

Beautiful arches in the attic.

Taking a picture down the inner courtyard.


Details in the house.

Casa Batlló and Casa Amatller side by side.

Pretty door handle across the street from Casa Batlló.

Casa Mila…again not highly regarded by `someone´.

On our way back to the apt, we opted to check out the Old City again for the architecture and gelato.

Archway in the Old City.

A slice of modernism in the Old City.


The best gelati in Barcelona, according to J.

Melon and dulce de leche flavors.

After a 2 hour siesta, we headed off to dinner.

Best Tapas in town located off Passaig Graciá, and very close to Casa Batlló.

We thought ´musllitos´were mussels, and J was all excited about mussels…

but these are `musllitos´.  Again, ordering food without knowing what it is that we´re ordering.  No matter, as it was still very tasty.

To cap off the night…Casa Batlló at night.

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