Barcelona Day 1 – Happy Birthday

Instead of traveling via train from Madrid to Barcelona, we decided to travel cheap by flying with Ryanair.  The only problem was that we ended up at Girona airport, which is about an hour away from Barcelona.  Luckily, there was a shuttle bus that brings everyone into town (25 euros for a roundtrip ticket).

Arc de Triomphe – first sight we saw shortly after exiting the bus terminal.

Mercat La Bocqueria outside the Licea station along La Rambla.

Market place for all the food you can want.

Colorful pepper display.

Bright colors everywhere.

All sorts of juices…

and of course cured meats.

I couldn´t resist but to break fast for this one…

This crazy display of meats and cheese, however, was a little too much for me.

After sinning, I needed to pay a visit to the church.

Catedral de Barcelona in Old City.

Harpist in an alleyway in medieval Old City.

Since the Picasso Museum is closed on monday, we had to find an alternative. Heard about the Chocolate museum and decided to check it out.

Interesting, but wouldn´t necessarily recommend it.

4.50 euros for the ticket, which is a bar of dark chocolate.  The story with mom when they visited last year was that she ate her ticket before entering the museum.

Weeping woman with baby of Guernica made out of white chocolate.

Pieta out of milk chocolate?

Sagrada Familia out of dark chocolate.

Dinner recommendation was in Barceloneta, which gave us a chance to walk along the pier front.

Ship along the pier.

J´s birthday dinner at Suquet de L`Almirall.

Awesome pa amb tomaquet (tomato pulp on bread).

J´s suquet (fish stew).

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2 Responses to Barcelona Day 1 – Happy Birthday

  1. myblankeynme says:

    didn’t i tell you guys about tomato pulp on toast when I was in Spain. We had that for breakfast everyday @the camp! IT WAS AWESOME! p.s I want some of that shaved cured meat too!

  2. Juin says:

    How pretty!!! I’m sooo excited now. Happy Birthday, Big J!!! What a great way to start the new year.

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