Madrid Day 3 – Tired Feet

Did 12 miles at the Retiro Park, and it was off to the sunday El Rastro flea market.  Of all the flea markets we’ve seen in different countries, this one probably has the most extensive range of goods.  It has an alleyway dedicated just to paintings, another one for antiques, and other streets for everything else.

The crowd at one of the alleyways at the El Rastro market.

The throng of people trading/selling all sorts of cards (e.g., sports, cartoon, etc) in the plaza.  It’s one part of the market where you see lots of kids with their cards.

Another crowded street.

After the market, we split up and J&I ended up back at Plaza Mayor for some lunch.

Dining at the plaza.

The street entertainer at the plaza that D had coined ‘Peter Porker’.

Getting the kids in on the action.

Lunch was followed by some churros and hot chocolate at the famed Chocolateria San Gines that’s been around since 1894.

Dipping the churros into hot chocolate (J&I thought it was more chocolate syrup than hot chocolate).

1894?  Big deal.  The chocolateria isn’t even the oldest establishment in town. Casa Botin is the oldest restaurant in the world, founded in 1725.

It’s even in the Guinness World Records.  Wonder if it’s worth trying.

After filling the belly, it was time to check in with our final destination in Madrid.  The Prado Museum.

Again, we got in for free (weekends after 5PM). After 12 miles and a morning at the flea market, we were not looking forward to spending more time on our feet. One and a half hours at the museum was more than enough for us. That short time span meant strategic viewing, and going straight to the Goya and Velazquez exhibits.

We found out that numerous paintings by other artists were just copies of the originals that are located in various other museums (e.g., Vatican, Boston, London). At least the Goyas and Velazquezs were the originals.  My trip to the museum was all worth it after seeing Velazquez’s Las Meninas and Goya’s Saturn.


Now it’s off to Barcelona…

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