Madrid Day 2 – ‘Paella!’

Day 2 started off with a 4.5 mile run in Parque del Retiro.  Since lunch doesn’t officially start until 2PM we decided to squeeze in some sight seeing.

Another small and quaint winding street in Madrid.

Bear and strawberry tree in tiles.

Street names in tiles. They sure love their tiles.

Notice the polished butt.  It’s as polished as St. Peter’s foot in the Vatican.

Catedral de la Almudena. Used to be a mosque until 1897.

The colorful high altar.

The Royal Palace across from the cathedral.

Finally, it was off to lunch.  When in Spain what does one eat?  Paella, of course.  Of the 4 of us, D’s fluent in Spanish because, well, he’s Puerto Rican; J&M can understand and speak a little; I can only understand some, but a little more if given the right context.

{As we’re entering the restaurant, it just so happens the 2 who know the least amount of Spanish walk in ahead}

Manager: Buenos dias.

M: Buenos dias.

Manager: Blah blah blah blah blah reserva?

{I’m thinking, ‘Oh he must be asking us if we made reservations’, and before I even got a chance to look back at D for help}

M {blurts out}: Paella!

{Me Tarzan…you Jane…feed me…NOW}

Paella with shrimp and clams.

Paella with rabbit and snails (this is what happens when you go out on a limb and try your luck without knowing exactly what it is you’re ordering). I must agree with mom that this doesn’t taste as good as the one we saw on TV a few years ago. Amazingly the old lady knows what she’s talking about.

After a lackluster lunch it was off to get some culture into the system.

Exterior of Reina Sofia Museum.  Luckily, we managed to get in for nothing as we found out that it was free after 2PM on weekends.

Reina Sofia houses the famed Picasso’s Guernica, as well as the more interesting Dali pieces (e.g., The Great Masturbator, The Enigma of Hitler).

Aside from the cathedrals, palaces, museums, one interesting sight we saw around town was people eating standing at the counter.  Instead of bar hopping they go ‘tapas hopping’, so I guess standing while eating makes that transition smoother?

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2 Responses to Madrid Day 2 – ‘Paella!’

  1. myblankeynme says:

    M sounds like a good friend to have! I don’t mind tapas hopping either! so… what are the costumes for the race?

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