Madrid Day 1 – Sleep Deprivation

Flying from the West coast to Europe is just a huge ordeal.  From getting picked up by the shuttle at 3:30AM to finally meeting up with M&D at the Madrid airport, 21 hours had already elapsed.  Having learned from past experience (slept away 1 whole day out of 3 during our France 2003 trip) I fought extreme fatigue, and we ventured out into town.

J & D at one of the entry way to Plaza Mayor.

Plaza Mayor

Mercado de San Miguel, kind of like a Taiwanese night market, but much nicer and definitely cleaner.

The inside of the market.

A giant monkfish from hell.

A calamari sandwich. It’ll be safe to say that I’ll be having more of these on this trip.

The ‘jungle’ in the Atocha train station that dad said was worth checking out.

Pulpo Gellago (octopus tapa) for dinner.

Our ‘toast wheel’ of tapas. The tostada de gamba (shrimp in aioli on toast) at Cerveceria Cervantes was so yummy!  Will have J try to make it after we get back.

A passionate futball fan celebrating the team’s win.

One of the several fountains at night.

The bear and the strawberry tree statue at the Puerta del Sol. I read somewhere that Madrid used to have an abundance of bears and strawberry trees in the Medieval ages, hence the interesting combination representing the city.  Although if you ask me, that tree looks more like a broccoli than anything else.

Another lesson learned on day 1 of this trip…pack Tylenol on future trips for the migraines from the sleep deprivation.

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2 Responses to Madrid Day 1 – Sleep Deprivation

  1. charmedbylove says:

    oh my goodness, how do you eat that monkfish?

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