Bacon Wrapped Heart Attack

If you ever wonder why there’s a health crisis in the US, just go to your annual summer fairs and you’ll know why.  J’s sister stopped in town on her way back to HK, and we thought we’d all go check out the OC fair.

This is what greeted us shortly after the entrance.  Even after you cook it you still have at least 2 pounds of meat and fat.

Does this even taste good?  Are the shock paddles their disclaimer?  Eat at your own risk.

When it comes to frying, all bets are off.  There’s simply nothing you can’t fry.  Kool-Aid?

Of course it’s not a fair without the usual rides, games,

and freaks.

J&I agreed that we won’t be going back for some time.  Had we been 20 years younger we’d probably appreciate the craziness.

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1 Response to Bacon Wrapped Heart Attack

  1. myblankeynme says:

    Even I thought some things were ridiculous!

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