My 1st 911 Call

J’s been in NYC for his grandmother’s funeral, and left me alone with the dogs.  I quite enjoy sleeping alone in the bed.  No need to confine myself to half the bed, but I can sprawl across the bed however I want.  The only problem with J not being around – no one to kill the mosquitos, which woke me up at 1 in the morning last night.

While lying in bed, I heard a car go up the hill ZOOOOOOOOM…SCREEEECH…BOOM!

I thought, ‘Holy cow, my sleepless night just got tons more interesting!’; leapt out of bed to check out what the car had hit, hoping it wasn’t the house.

What I saw was a car up the park embankment with the tail lights on, but no movement.  I quickly dialed 911…

Operator: 911

Me {excitedly}: A car just crashed into the sidewalk!

Operator: Where are you located?

Me {nervously}: Um, um Del Mar…and, um, um, um Balboa

{I must have sounded like the biggest idiot on 911}

Operator: What happened?

Me {heart pounding}: Car crashed, lights still on, no movement.

{Me Tarzan, You Jane}

A small group of concerned neighbors quickly descended on the car (why people are still awake at 1AM is a mystery).  Within 5 minutes the first patrol car came up the hill.  The driver, by this time already out of the car, demanded, ‘Why d’you guys have to go call the cops for?’

A fire truck and 2 cop cars; ambulance came and went after realizing the driver (in the red shirt) was fine other than he was drunk as a skunk.

Needless to say he was arrested.

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2 Responses to My 1st 911 Call

  1. Juin says:

    Haha. You’ve been trained well…concise and precise observations. I would have rambled on and on! Of all the places you’ve lived in, esp. NYC, your first 911 call is in the OC. Ironic.

  2. myblankeynme says:

    you didn’t tell me this when I was over. Thank God you’re ok though and it wasn’t a human or your house that got hit!

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