Summer Time = Crazy Traffic In Laguna Beach

I absolutely love the morning commute to work.  It seems all the locals are on vacation.  No one’s headed to work.  There’s no yellow school bus to make you come to a dead stop.  I’m ‘zipping’ through town in my trusted Yaris, and before I know it I’m at work.

Coming home in the evening, however, is a DRAG.  Traffic slowdown starts at the 133/73 as tourists pour into town.  It’s easily an additional 10 minutes added on to the regular 40-minute commute.

Oh, and don’t me started on the teenagers with their new found freedom in their new cars.  Three close calls with 3 teenagers underestimating their speed and overestimating their ability put a huge damper on my zipping through town in my trusted Yaris.

With that said, I’ll put up with 3 months of inconvenience out of the year, as living in Laguna Beach is like being on vacation 365 days out of the year.  I’m living in paradise with my trusted Yaris.

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