Frosting Glass

I’ve seen many projects turning clear glass surfaces into frosted surfaces.  Most involve etching glass with acid, but J told me not to mess with that stuff because he was afraid I was going to cause bodily harm.  Luckily, I came across another method using frosting spray paint.  Since I have a few glass jars I’ve kept over the years, I decided to ‘dress them up’.

Not a glass jar, but this project has something to do with Mocha and 'evil' Truffalo.

Their plain old dog treat jar (was a kimchi jar in it's previous life).

Thoroughly clean the surface.

Apply sticker stencils.

Spray this

with this (in a ventilated area, preferably outdoors).

I applied 2 coats, but I think I should have applied a 3rd coat to make it less transparent. Start peeling back the stickers.


You've got yourself a unique frosted jar.

Anyone want a cat treat jar?

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3 Responses to Frosting Glass

  1. Vy says:

    Why? You want to spray paint some tuna cans?

  2. myblankeynme says:

    wow! you’re really into DIY these days!

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