Travel Shadow Boxes

After the last painting project, I looked on Pinterest to find more DIY projects.  Saw this…

Wall Clock

and thought what a cool idea.  Instead of using pictures, I thought I’d use shadow boxes filled with travel souvenirs from countries we’ve been to.  Again, what an ingenious idea!  That is until I received the delivery of the clock and frames.

As you can see, the clock took up the entire wall above the fireplace. There was no room for frames. As for the clock, I had to return it because the hand stopped moving past the '40-minute' position because it couldn't fight against gravity! 'Made in China'.

So that idea was scrapped, and I was stuck with 12 shadow boxes.  No matter, as wall space is in no short supply here.

Ended up lining them up along the corridor leading to the master BR. Notice the different colors of the frames when they're supposed to be the same color. That's what you get when you buy online, and I'm too lazy to return it.

My favorite box - Venice and Florence. Went with J's mom, and all she wanted to eat was Chinese food!

Rome, where we discovered what real Italian food is supposed to taste like.

Tokyo, where the Empress of Japan waved at us (mostly at the middle-aged Japanese women who were next to us) as her car passed by.

Paris, where we went during a Memorial day weekend, but ended up sleeping the first day (out of 3) away due to jet lag. Also couldn't find Versailles as I didn't realize it was on the outskirts of Paris. DUH!

Clockwise from top left: Bavaria - somewhat dull compared to the rest of Europe; Hong Kong & Singapore - awesome food, but realized we would never want to live there; Argentina & Uruguay - encountered the most endearing dogs in Cafayate, and the most dishonest cab driver in Montevideo; Athens - ruins, ruins, and more ruins.

Mykonos & Santorini - gorgeous, gorgeous islands! Could have picked a better cruise line, but given the recent events of cruise ships sinking or losing power, I really can't complain.

Not my proudest project, but brought back a lot of memories while doing it.

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8 Responses to Travel Shadow Boxes

  1. myblankeynme says:


    sorry about mom wanting only Chinese food. But when I was there for a month, I was tired of eating only pasta, pizza, risotto or whatever else we had. I had to get 1 or 2 chinese meals in too. just to mix it up a bit.

  2. myblankeynme says:

    i know! she wants to come again and told me to not take all my vacation days so i can go to china with her. = 1 i think i might need joe/raymond to sponsor her this time instead.

  3. VY says:

    Are those usable Euros you have in those boxes???!!!

  4. Juin says:

    What a cool idea! Maybe you can put 4 x 6 framed pictures of your travels as the hours.

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