The Arts & Crafts Bug

Is officially dead!

So I thought I’d ‘paint’ a few pictures to brighten up the bathroom, instead of buying a generic painting.  I had what I thought was an ingenious idea of painting trees, and instead of painting leaves/flowers, I’d use candle wax for leaves and flowers.  I thought, ‘what a great idea’.  NOT!

Everything came out a mess.  The leaves looked like a pile of puke…

Pile #1

Pile #2

It doesn't even look nice a little further away.

Or even further away...

Oh, I can’t wait ’til J sees this when he gets home tonight.  Actually, I can because I already what he’s going to say, and it ain’t gonna be nice.

Well the ‘piles’ will stay up there until we can find something else.  Anything else.

Luckily, I got the canvases on sale.

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7 Responses to The Arts & Crafts Bug

  1. vy says:

    It’s modern art. Better than grocery bags on the ceiling. Doesn’t actually look that bad.

    • LY says:

      That’s right, it’s modern art. If you can’t appreciate it, then you don’t have an eye for art. Unfortunately, I can’t really bring myself to appreciate these monstrosities. Maybe you want to bring them back with you to Boston?

  2. vy says:

    First one’s like puke, second one’s like dripping blood.

  3. vy says:

    You can call it the massacre series: before and after

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