The Right Buttons

That is, knowing to ‘push’ the right buttons to get your husband to do your bidding.  There is no begging or pleading in this household because it doesn’t work.  Plus it’s too unbecoming.  There’s only ‘threatening’ and ‘piquing’ his interest.

I had wanted to install the home-made light last night, but I needed J to hook up the light fixture to the electric wiring.  He kept insisting that we could do it the following day, but I would have none of that.

Me: Fine, I’ll do it {knowing full well I was not going to do it}.

J: I don’t want you to do it, it’s live wires.  It’s dangerous.

Me: Doesn’t matter, I’ll do it.

Light was installed last night.

After coming home après our 8-mile run today, I wanted to clear out the overgrowth in the front yard.  I could have cleared it last week, but the bamboo was growing in between the cactus and the wall, presenting a very tricky situation.  For that, we purchased a new pruning tool that can extend into narrow spaces.

Me: Let’s go clear out the yard.

J {on his kindle}: No, I want to enjoy.

Me: Enjoy what?  Reading the news on the internet?

J: It’s my relaxation time.

Me: Fine, I’ll do it.

I went ahead to try out the tool, and purposely declared out loud:

Me: Whoa, this is pretty cool.

As I’m getting ready to trim the bamboo, J walks out and sits on the ledge to check out the action.

Me: This is tough trying to get to the roots {taking on the air of damsel in distress, appealing to his manhood}.

J: I can see it easily from here.

Me {after a few genuine attempts}: Here you want to try?

J ended up clearing out the entire overgrown bamboo section, as I cleared out the weeds amongst the cacti.

J: I can’t believe you made me work.

Me: I never asked you to do anything.  You did it on your own volition.

He still hasn’t figured out what hit him, but I can’t use these tactics too often as he’ll catch on soon enough.

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4 Responses to The Right Buttons

  1. Juin says:

    How can I sign up for your class?

  2. myblankeynme says:

    ohhhhhhh….. i’m telling on you!

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