Old Dogs Can’t Jump

As Mocha’s approaching 12, we’re noticing that she’s more hesitant when it comes to jumping into the back of the car.  She used to be the first one in, but then we started noticing that we needed to do a whole lot of coaxing and ‘running starts’ in order to get her into the car.  Last week, J & I had to pick her up and place her in the back.

It’s the arthritic joints.

Apparently, she’s not the only one with issues.  J shot a video of an owner trying to get his elderly dog into the back seat.  J said it was going on for about 5 minutes, and he’d only caught the last 25 seconds of it.

Looks like the owner’s about ready to jump in himself.  I can only chuckle because that’s what we must look like when we try to get Mocha to jump into the back of the car.  The things our dogs make us do…

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