Preferred, Meet Premium

J & I recently applied for life insurance.  After getting the test results back, I was offered ‘premium’ rate, which according to the insurance agent only a handful of people qualify for this rate.  J, on the other hand, got the ‘preferred’ rate because his lab results weren’t as good.  The insurance agent informed him that his monthly payment would be $10 more than he had expected (and $20 more than what I need to pay each month).  J didn’t take this information well, and so now he’s harassing the poor agent for an explanation as to why he’s put in the ‘higher risk’ category.  I actually agree that he’s at higher risk knowing what I know, but I’m going to let him hash it out with the insurance underwriter.  Sometimes you just can’t escape your genes…

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1 Response to Preferred, Meet Premium

  1. myblankeynme says:

    I was going to say genetics!

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