All Moved In

J & I had been busy all weekend moving into our new place.  I woke up early saturday morning feeling sick, but couldn’t stay in bed as I had to pack up the kids to bring them to the new home, while J stayed behind to wait for the movers.  Since Laguna Beach isn’t quite as convenient as Irvine, and the roads leading in and out of Laguna (PCH and 133) are often congested, we spent the afternoon getting all the groceries we needed for 2 weeks to avoid making another trip next weekend.

Sunday was spent cleaning the rental, but prior to that we drove 45 minutes to HB to do our usual 10 mile run.  Why I thought I could run 10 miles with body aches and chills was a mystery, because I barely made it past 3 miles.  For some reason J was feeling a little under the weather, so we ended up walking the rest of the way back to the car.  We need to rethink where to do our long runs for now, as driving 45 minutes just to run is insane.

So here I am monday morning, having called in sick, finally getting some rest.

First dinner at the new home.

J munching on animal crackers after dinner.

Kids settling in in their respective beds.

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4 Responses to All Moved In

  1. myblankeynme says:

    how come he looks skinner than usual?! what are you doing to my brother?!

    • LY says:

      He’s just getting old, losing all his baby fat in the face. He still weighs the same as he did back in college. Just redistribution of weight.

  2. SY says:

    No worries, blankeynme, the other one’s not got this problem!

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