Sense Of Direction

Some people are born with a compass in their head, while others, you spin them around in place, they (mom and V) would be lost.  Most assume that men have great sense of direction, and women don’t.  J & I, however, have proven that not to be the case.  I don’t rely on landmarks as much as most women do (e.g., Starbucks, tall glass tower, fountain), but think more spatially (e.g., NW, SE, etc) and have a snapshot of the lay of the land in my mind.  It also doesn’t hurt that I like to study maps, which I think I take after dad.

Moving to a new place means a few challenging and frustrating days of watching J make wrong turns.  I never realized how bad he was back in NYC because that was his crib.  However, shortly after moving to AZ, it was crystal clear that this guy is seriously orientationally challenged.  I blew my top watching him make one wrong turn after another.  Now I know better, and have taken control.  Instead of losing my cool, I asked him to follow me a few times while driving in Laguna.  I also showed him the map of the area, hoping that he’d be able to navigate around town on his own without getting lost.

Unfortunately, there are some things you just can’t teach, and this is one of them.  You’re either born with a sense of direction or not.

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