Home Photos

By popular request (of one), here are some photos of the home interior sans furnishings.

View out the living room, with the dual-sided fireplace.

View out the kitchen. The balcony outside offers great view of the sunset. We have to fix the balcony first before we can put a tiny chair and table set outside.

Kitchen gets the afternoon sun and really warms up the place.

Living and dining next to the breakfast bar and kitchen. Now I can watch my Sunday brunch being cooked right in front of me.

Master BR. The previous owner left a leather chair and ottoman (better than anything we've ever owned). This may become the guest bedroom when people come visit, for reason I will explain later...

Master bath - smallish, but then again who spends a whole lot of time in the bathroom aside from my sister. After having lived in our AZ home, I would have liked to have 2 sinks so that I don't have to fight J for the water when we're brushing our teeth.

Guest bed - ceiling fan doesn't appear to be working. The door to the right is the entrance to the bathroom, and the door on the left is your way out the room. The bed will most likely be right in the middle of the 2 doors, only because there's no where else to put it.

Office nook is in the guest bedroom. Here is the reason why when guests are over, J & I will be sleeping in this room. This is where J will be spending the majority of his time with his 'mistress', the market.

Guest bath - again smallish. Notice the faucet coming out of the mirror (also in the master bath), kinda cool.

Finally, the views. View out the front of the house. It's hard to tell from this picture where the ocean and sky meet.

View from the master balcony.

The previous owner did a really good job remodeling the house.  If left up to J & me to renovate, it’d be a disaster because we just can’t agree on anything when it comes to interior design.

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7 Responses to Home Photos

  1. Juin says:

    Wow. Absolutely breathtaking. I love the combo of wood, trees, and water. I can completely understand why you two would want to retire there. It looks like a very peaceful area. Your home is also your getaway…what more do you need? congrats!

  2. Juin says:

    Such a nice large mirror in the bedroom…hmmmmm…

  3. myblankeynme says:

    love it! I would prefer the guest room still. Unless you guys have wireless… thanks! Ummm please have a sunbathing lounge chair on the balcony and a grill. I would love to cook for you guys everyday, when I am over, in that kitchen. = ) THAT IS MY KIND OF KITCHEN! well missing the second oven. But I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Maybe my next vacation should be coming back to the states but to visit you guys. heh heh. = )

    • LY says:

      Yes My Lord. Would you like us to roll out the red carpet upon your arrival?
      Remember, no empty promises. I’m expecting the five course meal to be prepared in front of me.

  4. myblankeynme says:

    not everyday is going to be a 5 course meal though.

  5. SY says:

    I guess no one is coming to NYC anymore? Hahhaaa, I understand why! Looks beautiful!

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