Got The Keys!

After one delay following another, we finally got the keys to the house this afternoon.  J drove to the house after work to drop off a few items.  He seems to be much more excited about this place than any other, and seemingly more excited than I.  I’m already pretty excited, but he’s more so.  We’re thinking that this will be it.  The house we will live in for the rest of our lives.  No more retiring in Argentina or Asia.  You just can’t beat CA in terms of the weather, beauty, and convenience.

Finally, Home Sweet Home…

2070 DEL MAR Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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2 Responses to Got The Keys!

  1. myblankeynme says:

    pics of the inside and my room please! thanks! is there a swimming pool?

    • LY says:

      I’m stopping by the house to drop off some things this afternoon, I’ll post more pics.
      No pool. We didn’t want one because of all the maintenance involved.

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