House Hunting

Now that I’ve decided to work another 10 years, J’s agreed that we can buy a place in Southern California.  With prices and interest rates dropping, now is probably a good time to buy a place close to the ocean.  My thinking is, what’s the point of living in CA if you can’t get an ocean view.  Granted we won’t be able to buy an ocean front property, but at least we can get a house that offers a view.

Arch Beach Heights in Laguna Beach is one such place.  The prices are more affordable because the lot sizes are smaller (2500 to 5000 sqft), but the ocean views they offer are incredible as the houses are perched high up on the hills.  However, there’s one huge catch.  Landslides…

Some insurance companies (e.g., Farmers) don’t cover landslides (or even wild fire) in Laguna Beach, so we will have to ask around.  If we can’t find good coverage, then we’ll have to look elsewhere.  What amazes me is that people still continue to buy and build in that area, which means someone is covering but likely with a huge premium.

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