Buyer’s Remorse

I used to get those, but not so much lately, as most purchases nowadays are for necessities.  However, for the occasional ‘slip up’, I no longer get mad, I get even.

In addition to my usual office hours, the group offers extra to those who work in the after-hour clinic (evening, weekends, holidays).  I will sometimes get assigned 1 or 2 shifts a month (all this extra goes towards mom & dad’s upcoming Bora Bora trip) but very rarely do I offer more of my precious time just to make more.  However, after the recent kate spade incident I felt compelled to agree to work 5 hours on New Years Day to ‘make up’ for the overindulgence.  The last thing I want to become is to be stuck in the proverbial hamster wheel, so next time I will give it a little more thought before clicking that ‘checkout’ button.

With that said, I still do want the camel ones.

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