Lethal Combination

For the past 2 months I’ve been putting in 10-hour workdays.  However, I do get thursday afternoons as my ‘administrative time’, and since I’m so efficient at getting things done, I essentially have the afternoon off.  J’s been working longer than his usual 10-hour days this past week, which means I have way too much time to myself thursday afternoons/evenings.

So when the cat’s away, the mice will play…

I have a soft spot for shoes, and my heart literally melts when it comes to kate spade shoes.  I’ve been pining for this karolina for the last 1-2 years.

<em>Kate Spade</em> New York Women's <em>Karolina</em> Pump,Black Patent

Over the years I’ve searched high and low looking for a deal, and finally struck ‘Karolina gold’ today.  Fifty-five percent off!  Shortly after placing my order, J called to tell me he was leaving work.

Me: I thought you were leaving an hour earlier.

J: Stuff came up.

Me: Well the extra hour you put in just cost you money.

J: What do you mean?

Me: You’ll find out in a few days.

J: What did you buy?

Even after the deal, it is still more than what I would normally spend on shoes, but it’s a small consolation for the 14-hour shift I’ll be pulling tomorrow…

Next target…the camel ones.

<em>Kate Spade</em> New York <em>Karolina</em> Women's Slip-on Dress Shoes - Brown

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6 Responses to Lethal Combination

  1. myblankeynme says:

    hahahha he knows you so well. do you even wear these shoes? do you have to dress up for work now? i’ve only seen you in sneakers.

    • LY says:

      I always dress up at work. You should see your brother when he’s dressed up for work…HOT! Even my mom said he looks handsome all dressed up…not like his usual bummy self.

  2. myblankeynme says:

    ok… calm down! i don’t need to see or think of my brother as hot.

  3. SY says:

    I am very into patent black and patent camel shoes right now! Don’t worry blankeynme, I won’t ever mention the other one in front of you as hot 🙂

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