Happy Anniversary Everyone!

Eight years (9 years for some of you guys) is a long slog when it comes to certain settings such as boring schooling, grueling training, working in a unfulfilling job, or say, serving prison time; but when you’re having fun it goes by in an instant.

You hear many people advising, “Marriage is hard work” or “You have to put effort in to make the marriage work”.  What I have to say to these people is, “Stop fooling yourselves, you’re in the wrong marriage”.  When you’re with the right person, everything falls right into place.  The only ‘work’ you need to do is to love and respect each other, and J & I have been very fortunate in that sense.  Sure our marriage isn’t lovey-dovey 24-7, and we have our moments (see previous post); but those are few and far between when all the stars need to be aligned where you have the hungry, and therefore frustrated, husband 得罪 (offend) the hormonally unstable, and therefore, emotionally challenged wife (I will save the details of that for another post).  Overall, I can’t ask for a better partner in life.

For all of you out there, hitched or otherwise, I wish you the same fortune in marriage that J & I have been bestowed upon.  Happy Anniversary!

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1 Response to Happy Anniversary Everyone!

  1. myblankeynme says:

    awwww! happy anniversary! can’t believe it’s been so long already.

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