Deaf & Dumb

Growing old does not ‘suck’ like most people believe, but it does throw you curve balls and you have to learn how to live with certain changes, pains, and deficits.  I guess I encounter these issues all day at work, I’ve learned to anticipate the new stages in life and try to embrace them with a little sense of humor.

Aside from the other age-related changes, I’ve started losing my hearing (thanks mom and dad).  J will often have to repeat what he wants to say severals time, and is often greeted by “HUH?”.  In restaurants, I have to tilt my head so that my ear is closer to the source.  My mother-in-law noticed it this past summer and asked what was wrong with my ear.  Soon, I’ll be cupping my ears and reading lips.

J, on the other hand, still has all of his senses intact; however, I’ve noticed on 2 separate occasions that when someone asked him a question it took him a while to respond, making him appear arrogant and dismissive.  I asked him why he was being rude, he said he wasn’t and it was just taking him a while to understand what the person was trying to say.

We are now Deaf & Dumb.

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4 Responses to Deaf & Dumb

  1. vy says:

    yes, and you HAHHHH like daddy.

  2. SY says:

    That’s so funny, I find myself taking longer to answer people’s questions too, and I know it comes across as rude but I’m just figuring out their question!

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