Hotels In Central CA

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we stayed at 3 different hotels, and hotels in these small little towns like Solvang and San Luis Obispo are so much more pricey than if you were to stay in OC, LA, or San Diego.  I guess the lack of competition drives up the price.

I still like to maintain control over where we stay when we’re on vacation, because if I were to leave it up to J, we’d probably end up at Best Western.  With that said, 2 of the hotels that we stayed at on this trip were duds.

Kronborg Inn, Solvang

Aside from the windmill out front, there really wasn't anything special about this inn.

Rooms are your standard and passable, but when you look closely you start to see flaws.

It's in the bathroom when things get interesting. The drain was so slow that by the time you're done with your morning routine, you've got a little dipping pool in your sink.

Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo

This was a motel built back in the 1950's,

and the objective was to make it a unique place for travelers looking for a rest stop.

Unique it is, as all the rooms are decorated differently.

We got the 'California Poppy' room.

We walked into a orange creamiscle bonanza.

Surprisingly, I loved the decor.


and tacky all at the same time.

I even liked the tiles in the shower.

This is when I ran into trouble. The mattress that provided no does it get to the point that the top part folds over? By the end of our stay I absolutely hated this place because of this very mattress.

Luckily, we saved the best for last, and managed to salvage my beauty sleep.

Bacara Resort and Spa, Goleta

The courtyard you drive into to check in.

You know this place is something 'special' when you see their valet ticket. They park all the nice car out front in the courtyard, and the rest in the back, including my little yaris, which in my opinion is something 'special'.

Lobby ready for Christmas.

Main building. Love the Santa Barbara style architecture.

The room rates at this place normally run from $300 to $10,000 (Presidential villa overlooking the ocean) a night, but we were able to get a deal from Travelzoo and pay much less AND get an upgrade to a suite with a fireplace (that didn't work). Gotta love Travelzoo.

The non-functioning fireplace, hence the candles?!?

Complimentary slippers! Love it! I'll give these to mom and dad for their Bora Bora trip.

Looking into the bathroom from the bedroom area.

View from the other direction.

French doors leading out to the balcony.

'Village view' (euphemism for pauper's view) from the balcony.

Pools with ocean view.

Cabanas poolside.

Pool at night.

The best part of the hotel...the ultra-plush bed. However, I still didn't get to sleep through the night thanks to the wine at dinner...

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5 Responses to Hotels In Central CA

  1. Vy says:

    Are you sure you were supposed to take those slippers or did you pull a Chinese on the hotel.

  2. myblankeynme says:

    maybe the reuse them! hahahaha…

    your little ghetto black car! i see my land/range rover and my cadillac!

  3. myblankeynme says:

    btw, i believe leehom is going to l.a for a concert! i’m waiting for the hk concert to be announced!

    • LY says:

      I see you guys are on first name basis already.
      We said the ticket only needed 8 categories: Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lambo, Maserati, Prosche, Rolls Royce, ‘Shit Cars’.

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