“Why You So Cheap?”

It’s been a month since I’ve blogged about anything.  Thought I’d take a break and focus on work and studying.  Didn’t think I’d be back so soon, but I had to blog about this one.

J and I always bring lunch to work.  Nothing fancy, mostly just PB&J with a piece of fruit.  Mainly to save money, but also we just don’t have time to get away from our desks.

One of J’s co-worker came down to his floor during lunch time a few days ago.

Co-worker: You brought your own lunch again?  Why are you so cheap with yourself?

Mind you, this isn’t the first time anyone’s made that comment to J.  Back in AZ, one of his co-workers made the same observation.

Co-worker: You guys make so much money, why are you so cheap?

When I told mom and dad about it, they laughed and agreed that we were cheap, and then proceeded to boast that they each had a 50 cent bun for lunch…

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2 Responses to “Why You So Cheap?”

  1. me says:

    hahahhahaa, it’s not that you guys are cheap. Just frugal! See where you guys are at and where the rest of the world are at? (ie.me) btw i’ve been waiting for you to blog.

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