Laid Up

This getting old business is no joke.  I managed to injure my left leg after last week’s long run.  From my last experience I’ve learned not to push my luck, so I’ve stayed away from running and have missed 3 scheduled runs so far.  I’ve finally built up my mileage back to my base and now this set back.  At this rate I’m not sure I’ll be ready for the CIM in Dec.  Maybe the Phoenix Rock n Roll next Jan?

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4 Responses to Laid Up

  1. SY says:

    Same here, I injured my right leg, I feel pain up the hamstring into the right hip/glute and can’t run. So depressing.

    • LY says:

      Sounds like you pulled your hamstring. Hope you recover in time for your race. It’s frustrating, but it’s better to give it time to heal than to test it and let it sideline you for even longer.

  2. Runner Bob says:

    Have you considered yoga?

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