Riparian View

J&I are always going back and forth debating who knows more vocabulary, who’s grammatically correct, and who scored higher on the SAT eons ago.

We drove by the street sign ‘Riparian View’ the other day.

Me {reading out loud}: Riparian View.

J: You know what ‘Riparian’ means?

Me thinking {…sounds like a kind of bird}: To view the…ahh…ripe…ahh…

J {stifling a laugh}: Would that be a fruit or vegetable?

Me {announcing proudly & indignantly}: It’s a kind of bird.

J: You sure…

Me: Yes, of course.

Of course I was wrong.  So now J’s not letting me live that down.  We’ll be walking the dogs, and out of the blue he’ll caw like a crow just to remind me…

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2 Responses to Riparian View

  1. myblankeynme says:

    He probably learned that word from boy scouts or those darn boring sci-fi books him and r use to read.

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