There’s been talk of ‘car-mageddon’ on the 405 when a 10-mile section of the highway will be closed for repair this month.  Luckily it doesn’t affect me at all as we are down here in OC, and not in LA.  However, I had my mini-carmageddon this morning on my way to work.  I finally got a taste of what CA freeway traffic is like when there’s an accident up ahead.  It took me 1 HOUR to travel 2 miles because 1 big-rig decided to ‘tap’ the side of another big-rig, sending the second big-rig careening across the slow lane into the HOV lane, blocking all 5 of the 6 lanes.

Unfortunately, I was not privy to the lay of the land, which meant I couldn’t just get off the freeway and get to work traveling on local roads.  So I was one of the unfortunate souls stuck in traffic hell…

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