Financially Independent

What’s the best thing about being financially independent?  It’s not about spending yourself into oblivion, nor is it about retiring early.  It’s about not having to answer to yo mama.

{Scene in Costco – a family ahead of us in the checkout line.  Teenage son staring at the Kirkland Almond Toffee we just tossed in our cart.  A minute later…}

Kid to mom: 我要巧克力。(I want chocolate)

Mom: 你還吃巧克力?!  你看看你的臉, 一大堆青春豆。(You still want chocolate?!  Look at your face, all that acne.)

{As we’re walking out the warehouse, the kid gives our Almond Toffee a longing look.}

So kids, got to school, get good grades, get a job that pays, and you can eat all the chocolate you want…in yo mama’s face!

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