The Hunt For 牛肉麵

My favorite foods?  Steak and 牛肉麵.  Like V would always say, ‘妳跟牛有仇阿?’ During my trip to Taiwan, I would have 牛肉麵 at every opportunity.  Tucson obviously doesn’t have any so the move to CA was heaven in disguise.  Previously we’ve had to drive all the way to Rowland Heights, which is about an hour away for good 牛肉麵, but no more as we’ve discovered Yu’s Garden located 10 minutes from where we live.

Better than most, but still not as good as the one at Dumpling House in Rowland Heights. (The scallion pancakes were terrible)

They also have a 自助餐 section where you can get 2 sides with rice for 5 in change, or 3 side with rice for 6 in change.  J said he’s going back to try that.

This is right up dad's alley.

After dinner we were debating whether to have snow ice.  Dad had previously warned me not to have any bubble tea for the next several months, as unscrupulous Taiwanese businessmen started adding DEHP, an industrial plasticiser, to emulsify the drinks making them look richer.  Dad extended that warning to snow ice just in case, eventhough there were no reports linking the 2.

Me: Should I listen to dad or risk infertility (one of the side effects of DEHP)?

J: Up to you.

Me: Infertility it is.

So we went to The Balcony Grill & Bar for some infertility treatment.

Good enough, but not as good as Class 302 in Rowland Heights.

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