On Second Thought…

Haven’t been updating my blog much as I’ve had to share the laptop with mom and dad, who are currently hooked on Giant.
Plus, I’ve been busy traveling back and forth between Tucson and OC.  By the time I’ve ‘settled in’ in one place, I have to the leave for the other.  The more I read about CA, the more misgivings I have about the place.  Why are we moving there when everyone else is clamoring to get out?  Housing is expensive, taxes are high, people are rude, traffic is horrendous.  Wait, that sounds just like NYC, where we barely escaped from 5 years ago.  Hopefully, higher wages, awesome weather, and delicious ethnic food will make our stay more enjoyable, and in a few more years we’ll have saved enough to make our final exit out of the US.


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2 Responses to On Second Thought…

  1. me says:

    I’m looking into jobs too. I mean for when the contract is over, don’t worry ( in case you did get a bit worried there).

  2. LY says:

    Funny you should say, the waiting-for-the-contract game has gotten me all bunched up in a wad, so to speak.

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