No, You’re Not In Costco

Every once in a while you’ll walk down the supermarket isles and see some snack packages compromised because someone decided they wanted to have a piece of cookie but didn’t want to pay for it.  We will never know the exact motivation behind the theft.  Was it because they wanted to try it first and make sure they like it before buying, or that they didn’t have the money and was hungry at the time, or they decided all supermarkets should operate like Costco and help themselves to ‘free samples’?  We were at Ranch 99 in Rowland Heights last night and saw some examples.



Why did this person just stop at one? If you've ever seen the size of each, one is hardly satisfying.

I know some fruit vendors will allow customers to try one before buying, but there were no vendors in the supermarket to give anyone the go ahead.


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