Different Perspectives

I’m going to OC this weekend to see J, and to finally get a chance to have 鼎泰豐, which I didn’t get to have when I was in Taiwan last month :(.  J and I were on the phone burning through our unlimited AT&T family minutes while I was surfing the net, and J preparing dinner.  We usually just have the phones on speaker and leave it next to us while we’re doing whatever it is we’re doing, not necessarily having a conversation.  Often times, neither one is saying anything and all of a sudden someone says something, and the other person quickly picks up the thread.

Me {all excited}: Ooooh, I can’t wait!

J: That’s right, you’re coming to see me this weekend.

Me {sheepishly}: Oh…I was thinking about 小龍包.

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2 Responses to Different Perspectives

  1. me says:

    food always comes first. that’s my philosophy.

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