Will I Ever See The Pyramid?

I have tried to refrain from blogging about news or current events as this is more or less a personal journal as opposed to a historical chronicle.  However, I should mention that my dreams of seeing the pyramid is again being put on hold because of what’s currently happening on the streets of several Egyptian cities.  It seems every time I’m considering travel to Egypt, something will invariably happen.  The first time was a murder of American tourists, the second time was the kidnapping of foreign tourists (both instances made it difficult to convince loved ones to go with me), and now this.  I know it’s quite callous of me to be complaining, as my ‘inconveniences’ are rather trite in comparison to the Egyptians’ plight (ooooh, I sound like Dr. Seuss); but, I’m just wondering out loud, ‘Will I ever get to see the Great Pyramid in my lifetime?’

The Egyptian Government ordered to shut down cell & internet service in an attempt to prevent the people from communicating with each other, and organizing.  However, if my government were to cut off my internet access, I think I’d join the protest just because now I have nothing better to do.

Update: Just read that some looters destroyed 2 pharaonic mummies in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.  Was that really necessary? 😦

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2 Responses to Will I Ever See The Pyramid?

  1. Egypt is on my travel wish list as well. It is sad that some would loot such treasures and destroy real history. As for the internet being shut down, we have politicians in both parties who are trying to pass a bill that gives the President the power to shut down the internet in ‘national security’ situations. It’s being called a ‘kill switch.’ I don’t see it ever passing into law because if the US president ever shut down the internet, our economy would tank.

  2. LY says:

    Luckily for us, the cell/internet grid is a whole lot more complex than it is there in Egypt, so I can’t foresee an easy ‘kill switch’; and like you said, the economic impact would be tremendous. It would be hard to argue for such a thing in our country.

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