Let It Snow

Here’s a pic for those of you buried in gazillion inches of snow…

No snow in sight in beautiful Oro Valley

Although I wish it would snow just once here, so that Mocha can romp around in the snow like she’d used to back in NYC.

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6 Responses to Let It Snow

  1. vy says:

    but no trees…

  2. Juin says:

    Rub it in. Thanks :).

  3. angela says:

    Do you play favoritism? I feel like you do towards Mocha. hahahahaha

  4. LY says:

    V, Are we looking at the same picture? I believe I see trees in the pic.
    J, I’m rubbing it in, rubbing it in…
    A, We are impartial, but I do feel more protective of Mocha because Truff’s been such a bully towards her.

  5. Vy says:

    That just looks like blah suburban America, and those are wuss trees

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