Ranks Re-established

In the last few months we have noticed Truffalo to be rather mean towards Mocha, growling and picking fights.  We just brushed it off as him being a jerk and would outgrow it.  That is until recent unpleasant events, and V’s explanation that he was probably challenging the hierarchy and staking claim as the alpha dog.  Mocha has since become timid and would cower in Truffalo’s presence.  Truffalo would guard the water bowl to prevent Mocha from getting to it, and Mocha would be reluctant to come to us when we called her if Truffalo was around.

As we were having more issues with Truffalo being more aggressive, I’ve made a few changes.  I’ve locked Truffalo out of the master bedroom and would only allow Mocha to sleep in the room with me at night (previously she had been sleeping in the living room while he was in the bedroom),  Truffalo is only allowed to eat after Mocha’s done with her meal and finished drinking, and Truffalo no longer gets to be pet for no apparent reason or get peanut butter from me when I’m making my PB&J in the mornings.

The transformation is quite astonishing.  It is as if Truffalo has accepted Mocha back as the alpha.  Mocha’s no longer slinking around in the house and is showing more confidence.  Truffalo is no longer growling at her during meal time, and I’ve just witnessed him licking her mouth and lips (I’ve read it’s a sign of submission).  Hopefully, I’m not reading to much into things and hope that the balance has truly been restored.  Only time will tell…

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