Getting Back To Running…Again…

Since my last run on 12/12 of last year, I have not bothered to get back into any kind of running routine for various reasons (e.g, the recalcitrant tendonitis, lingering month-long upper respiratory infection that I got in Asia, and pure laziness).  Since October of last year, I’ve lost a significant amount of muscle mass in the thighs and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that my pants actually fit much looser when I stopped running (vanity rears its ugly head again – no pun intended); and that became a paradoxical motivation to stay away from my running shoes.  However, sunny days, 70 degree weather here in Tucson, and seeing a bunch of ‘happy’ runners in their shorts and tanks could not keep me away any longer.  I finally hit the pavement again this afternoon.

I must say the stats are humbling.  Two miles at 8:50 min/mile is something I would normally turn my nose up to during training season, but that’s what I get for slacking.  At this rate, I won’t be ready for any race until mid-fall.  A few months ago I was writing J off when the longest he would run was 6 miles, but now the guy is outrunning me, ‘reportedly’ doing 7 miles in 50 minutes (I say ‘reportedly’ because as much as I love and adore my husband, we both know he doesn’t run 7-min miles for that long of a distance 😉 ).  So I need to get serious about my running again.  No more slacking.

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2 Responses to Getting Back To Running…Again…

  1. SY says:

    I’m in hiatus now because of my right knee, I think I have tendinitis. Haven’t been out in almost 2 weeks. I know how you feel, I wish for the good ol’ days when a 6 miler was just a regular workout…

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