Thai Name

While we were walking on the grounds of Holiday Inn Phi Phi we saw signs with inscriptions of couples’ names along with dates of their wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, etc. and cheesy phrases like ‘we complete each other’.  A few of them had their ‘Thai’ names inscribed, which got me thinking…

Me: I wonder what my Thai name would be…
J {without missing a beat}: ‘The-woman-who-eats-too-much’.

Spoken like a true romantic…

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2 Responses to Thai Name

  1. he's mean! hahahahahahha. but your name shouldn't be the woman that eats too much. you were wimpy in taiwan! that should really be my name.

  2. L.Y. says:

    I believe I polished off all my plates. You still had leftovers missy.

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