Wat You See Is Wat You Get

Chiang Mai was where we went to get our fill on wats, or temples.  They come in all shapes and sizes, with intricate designs.  I read somewhere that there are 300 wats in Chiang Mai.  We only went to a handful of them as one can only take so much of the heat and humidity while wearing jeans (required attire to enter wats).  Looking back I should have brought a sarong and wrapped it over shorts.

Wat Phra Singh
Chiang Mai’s most sacred buddha
Wat Phan Tao, built out of teak
Sculpture of monks praying in front of a buddha
They love their buddhas
What wat is this wat?
Wood paneling
More buddhas
Smaller wat
The three kings sculpture

A break from wats…the Chiang Mai Woman Correctional Insitution.  Why the guidebook recommends one to get a massage by the women prisoners is beyond me.  Sure they’re cheap, but I kind of value my life.  No respectable NYC guide would recommend one to visit Rikers Island I’m sure.  Lonely Planet, I’m disappointed…
Anyone interested in some shackles? 
Their Christmas decoration kept afloat atop 4 tires, bamboo poles, and securely fastened to the banks by a rope (J thought this was hilarious and made me take this picture).
Now back to some more wats…
Wat Suan Dok
My favorite picture of Chiang Mai…
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