Overnight Trains

Our first stop in Thailand was Chiang Mai.  Instead of taking a 1 hour 20 min flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, we decided to slum it on the overnight train, spending 12 hours each way.  Flying would have definitely been an easy way out, but the train did provide us a whole new experience and perspective on things.  The train was incredibly SLOW; even the bus takes about 10-11 hours.  China would never tolerate this kind of nonsense.  At 431 km/hr, their fastest train would get you there 2 minutes faster than the plane does.  At least we got our ‘third world’ experience we were looking for.

The train out of Bangkok was an hour late leaving the station, but that was fine by us as we were hot and tired from walking around Bangkok with our packs on prior to getting on the train.

Monks enjoy special status, as they have seats reserved for them in waiting areas. Most others get to sit on the ground.

We had booked seats on the 2nd class sleeper train, which meant listening to everyone else snoring through the curtains, and having to restrain oneself should one become too ‘gassy’.

Train seats before being converted to a bed.

Bed being made for you.

The other 'rooms'.

Upper bunk

Lower bunk

Communicating through the drapes


The saving grace of the 2nd class sleeper was that it was clean, which I couldn’t say about the 1st class private cabin that we got on the way back from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.
The more expensive claustrophobic 1st class cabin; wishing I were in 2nd class instead.
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2 Responses to Overnight Trains

  1. it looks like fun! almost like having a slumber party!

  2. L.Y. says:

    It's all fun until you need to use the restroom…

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