Thai Food

After 5 days of unsuccessful search for good food in Taiwan, we landed in Bangkok.  Before heading to Chiang Mai we had to grab a quick bite.  As we were still getting our bearings in Bangkok, we decided just to head to a random shopping mall food court for something to satisfy the hunger.  After walking around, we randomly picked Banana Leaf at Silom Complex shopping center and were we WOWed!

My tom yum goong (spicy lemongrass shrimp soup) with flat rice noodle.
 J’s squid dish with flat rice noodle

Thai food is so yummy, and we have only been disappointed a few times (usually at places recommended by Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor) since we’ve been here.  Each region has it’s own specialty, such as the kow soi (curry chicken with noodle) in Northern Thailand, and the seafood in Phuket, with some cheaper than others.

Kow soi, sticky rice with mango, and Thai iced tea totaled $3!
Fried fish with sweet and spicy sauce + seafood curry totaled $12 for both of us.

However, things did get a little hairy in Phuket.  Let’s just say that my steel stomach was not as strong as I had originally believed.  So if you want awesome food and love curry, then head to Thailand and skip Taiwan.

Happy New Year!
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6 Responses to Thai Food

  1. V&M says:

    Happy New Year!

  2. OMG! I AM SO GOING TO BE THERE! Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a great time in Thailand!

  3. L.Y. says:

    You actually don't need to go anywhere else if you're only going for the food. Just stay in Bangkok.J wanted to let you know to go to S&P (chain restaurant) for the kow soi.

  4. Anonymous says:

    OMG that Tom Yom and fish look awesome! Makes me want to go to the "Curry Leaves" restaurant near my neighborhood. – S.Y.

  5. L.Y. says:

    I was never impressed with Thai food until now. Maybe Thai food just isn't as good in the US. Let us know how 'Curry Leaves' is; if it's good we'll hit it the next time we're in NY.

  6. SY says:

    It’s nothing special, I just like its name “Curry Leaves.” Chao Thai is much much better (another hole in wall type place).

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