Taroko National Park

Of all places worth seeing in Taiwan I believe is Taroko National Park (太魯閣) on the eastern side of the island.  Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest place to get to due to its narrow, winding road along the eastern coast.  It took dad 3 hours each way driving along the 蘇澳公路, which suffered significant damages during the recent rainstorm.

In order to cross this bridge you'll have to get a permit 4 days prior...

The bridge all the way at the top was originally built by the Japanese during their occupation of Taiwan.

'Not absolutely safe', so the point of the helmet is?

Views along the way

After getting back into Taipei, dad stopped off at this place to get us some scallion pancakes. This is where he buys the pancakes and brings them to the US for V.

Finally J & A approved.

Dinner was at 玉麵堂. They had one of the best beef noodle soup.

This is where my Taiwan trip ended with one more day left, as I fell ill shortly after dinner.  However, J and A did manage to get their 鼎泰豐 and shaved ice the next day.



Smoothie House

Mango snow ice

釋加, sweet and oh so delicious. Too bad V you won't be able to have any because it'll be out of season by the time you go.

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