Taipei 101

After finding out that the 貓空 Gondola was out of service, we headed out to Taipei 101 after breakfast at 永和豆漿大王.  Mom and dad had split to go get their exams at the hospital.

The political correctness of the Taiwanese people.  Imagine calling the elderly in the US ‘senile’, you’d get caned to death…
Taipei 101
It takes 37 seconds to travel 89 floors.

Some impressive engineering.

And a really smoggy Taipei, what a shame…
The yellow rooftop building is the Sun Yet Sen Memorial.  That was the best view I could get of it as both J & A vetoed the idea of checking out the place.  No food?  No go…
The endearingly coined ‘damper baby’…
Some impressive coral carvings shown on the level below the observation deck.

For dinner we decided to try our luck at the 饒河 night market.  Dad didn’t know where it was (naturally), but thanks to google map, we found it.  

The temple outside the market
No one was impressed with the famed 胡椒餅.  (A tough crowd to please).
I did finally find something I liked (no one else thought it was anything special).  Yummy grilled squid.
And J found something he liked as well.  饒河餡餅.

Two down, one more to go…search is still on for A…

At this juncture, I’m totally impressed with the progress Taiwan has made.  The city is relatively cleaner and less chaotic.  Not to mention the MRT, which rivals those in HK and Singapore, and leaves everyone else (Japan, US, and Europe) in the dust.  If only the US cities could upgrade their subway systems.  NYC’s stations, Boston’s trains, and SF’s ticket vending machines now all seem so ‘third world’ in comparison.  According to dad, Taiwan is building one new MRT line a year!  That will make the whole city even more accessible, and will help relieve the congestion and smog above ground.  This is what LA absolutely needs, but the city government is too paralyzed to do anything.
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