Taipei Flower Expo

Mom and dad brought us to their new favorite vegetarian joint.  As a meat eater, I approve.  For those of you visiting in Feb, this will sure be one of the places mom and dad will bring you to.

The food was so delicious that I only had time to take a picture of the pumpkin soup…creamy!
Love these English signs around Taipei.  Such eloquent word choices.

Day 1 was to get the flower expo out of the way so that when A arrived the next day, J & A could focus on more important things…FOOD!

Orchids galore…

 Chrysanthemum balls…

 up close.

 Pointsettia hybrids of red and yellow. 

 More pointsettia hybrids

 My favorite flower arrangements…

 Building built out of plastic soda bottles…

The expo also had several countries participate with their own display of flowers.  We decided that a few countries (i.e., Oman) didn’t get the memo because their display had nothing to do with flowers. 




Hong Kong

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4 Responses to Taipei Flower Expo

  1. Hahahahahaha! Thanks for getting the Flower Expo out of the way to move on to more IMPORTANT THINGS! = ) Thanks for letting me join you on the trip and for taking us around and translating!

  2. L.Y. says:

    Don't mention it. It was good seeing you again, too bad I couldn't join you guys the last day because it seemed that was when you guys started hitting the good joints.

  3. Good thing you feel better and got through to Thailand. Make sure you take good notes! I might go there one day… are you guys having some amazing food?

  4. L.Y. says:

    Food is definitely amazing, whether it's clean or not is debatable.

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