First Night In Taiwan

Thanks to dad disconnecting his internet service, we were disconnected from the rest of the world while we were there in Taipei.  J and A were constantly checking their iphone and itouch for WiFi service while we were out and about, like a couple of drug addicts looking for their next hit.  Now that we’ve found free WiFi, I’m back…

First I want to get this off my chest, “Shilin night market is so overrated!”, and it’s not worth holding a grudge against your dad for 3 years for not being able to find it the first time around :p.  Food is so so, but there are things there you’ll never find in the US, or at least not for now.

Food stalls galore.


What you see are the 小餅 that'll eventually get ‘smashed up’...

and wrapped into a 大餅 with other condiments.

Mom actually ate something at the night market.  We joked that she was getting hepatitis just by looking at the food.

Here's something else I've never seen before. It's basically a tasty MSG-laden soup with some fish balls and some 'other stuff'...

Of course a Taiwanese trip wouldn't be complete without some vomit-looking and tasteless oyster omelet (this was my very first, and last, oyster omelet).

Meat pill anyone?

愛玉 with lemon. Flavorless according to J.

Some yummy looking sausages, and the ironic thing is I didn't have a single sausage during my trip.

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2 Responses to First Night In Taiwan

  1. It was kind of sad and ridiculous that we were constantly trying to go online. = 1

  2. L.Y. says:

    Yeah, the iGeneration…I have a picture of you guys glued to your devices.

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